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Alenthea is a team of S.E.O. experts that is dedicated to help small businesses generate more traffic from Google. By improving the rankings on your website, we increase the level of traffic that you receive from potential customers or clients.

Our leading edge SEO tools and strategies will provide your business with a significant advantage over the competition – an advantage that keeps your company thriving and growing.

Search Engine Optimization by Alenthea

Expand Your Business. Get Found Online.

Alenthea gives you the power to effectively optimise your website for improved SEO, increased conversion rates and increased traffic to your website without having to worry about the backlinks.

Achieve higher search rankings

Your website is the strongest marketing asset you have. Our strategic approach to search engine optimization increases your exposure online, potentially translating into more customers, better leads, higher rankings, and greater visibility.

Improve performance & usability

Our sites are consistent, fast, and easy to use. We help you achieve your goals, whether that’s earning more revenue or attracting more qualified leads for your business.

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